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Path of Exile t16 Maps Guide

In this t16 Maps Guide, I will teach you how to sustain t16 Maps and how to earn 4300 chaos in 6 hours(you can buy Poe Chaos Orb from our website too), I think this is not easy to most of the new players, so you guys should appreciate 


Path of Exile t16 Maps Guide


How to sustain t16 Maps

Since a lot of players struggle to sustain elder Maps I want to explain the things I do to sustain them successfully.


1. Find an Elder Map that fulfills the following things


Good Position for Sextants ( you want to use 4)

That Map must be the only t16 Map in your Atlas

Decent Poistion to get Elder/Shaper Ping Pong going.

Good packsize and layout

And ofc you should enjoy the Map you are running

2. How to roll the Maps


2.1 Chisel the Maps to 20% Quality


2.2 Alch the Maps


2.3 Scour+Alch or Chaos all the Mods you cannot run or do not enjoy.


2.4 Vaal the Maps


2.5 Check the bricked ones for undesired mods again(usually reflect) and seperate them, do the same with the unid ones.


2.6 Sell the ones that bricked to another Map


3. Sextanting


3.1 Use all 4 Sextants


3.2 Reroll as long as you hit stuff that adjusts packsize


3.2.1 Avoid "Additional Monsters that convert when killed" as they drop pretty much nothing.


4. The correct Maps for the Sextants


If you hit the mod


30% increased Quantity of Items found in Unidentified Maps Found Items drop Identified in Identified Maps 15% increased Pack Size in Unidentified Maps


use your unid maps.


If you hit the mod


Players cannot take Reflected Damage Areas to contain additional Packs with Mirrored Rare Monsters


use your maps that bricked to reflect.


If you hit the mod


30% increased Magic Pack Size


use your maps that have the bloodlines mod


If you overall hit very big packsize on all sextants (let's say: additional mobs that deal fire, cold, lightning, and chaos) use maps that bricked to smth like 140+ IIQ, 40+ Inc. Packsize


T16 maps = 4300 chaos in 6 hours

I would like to present to everyone a method that allows achieving unimaginable profits compared to other standard methods used in the Path of Exile.


The way of earning is based on T16 maps. This process requires investment. Automatically, it's about 3,000 chaos, but earnings are larger. Someone described this process, but very broadly and didn't remember some essential aspects that I must add. It had been tested a couple of occasions by me and each time I finished with unimaginable profits.


Let's start. I will describe it in points.


1) Buy 60 x T16 maps.- 1620C


I centered on Minotaur and Phoenix because Minotaur's map layout is a straight line and "The wretched" card drops in Phoenix (always a good quality gamble). You can purchase Hydra maps and employ "Orb of Horizon" in it to avoid wasting time or currency.


2) Buy Sacrifice Sets. Three different fragments give 15% IIQ. - 180C


They're around 4c-5c each. You need 180 fragments = 45 sets. It's the most time-consuming action.


3) Buy 80-90 Master Sextants. - 495C


Create reroll them as well many occasions. Just base on luck. I made use of 4 sextants as it is a standard number before slaying Uber Elder. You will find awesome rare sextant mods:


Hunted Traitors - good drops from them


Nemesis monsters drop 3 currency - use twinned rare monsters prophecy + double nemesis = <3


The area is alluring - mirror tier sextant mod related to fishing! :D


4) Buy Tempest Prophecy - VERY IMPORTANT! - 30% IIQ - 30-50C


Lots of people haven't heard of the presence of tempest prediction. It provides 30% IIQ whether it procs into the spotlight at the expense of some tempest spawns on the floor. They do not harm an excessive amount of. If prediction does not proc you need to seal it and apply again before you run next map. It's only 1-2 CHAOS EACH!


Names of tempest prophecies: Fire from the sky, Ice from the above, Crushing Squall, Lightning Falls, The Undead Storm


5) Roll your maps to 85% IIQ+++


It is worth investing some scourings/alchemy to get good folded maps. After moving many maps I would recommend targeting 85 %. It is extremely enhanced value. Fairly simple to roll. Investment is a lot greater if you wish to roll above this value purposely. A huge part of 60 maps pool will end up 90-100% IIQ anyway. Anything below 85% ought to be rerolled.


6) Use Zana mods.


This part is tricky. I worked out a method that allowed me to make it as much effective as it could be. Use:


Harbinger (no IIQ): if your sextant rolls are bad (no additional monsters)


Bloodlines (+20% IIQ): if the map has bloodlines mod -> +1 tier map drops from blue monsters


Nemesis (+20% IIQ, Headhunter hype): if the map has nemesis mod


Beyond (+20% IIQ): if the map has beyond mod


7) If everything goes well you should reach a minimum of 150% IIQ map (85% map, 15% sac fragment, 20% Zana, 30% tempest). With this value, it's pretty easy to get many maps drop which is the main source of profit.


8) Use "Monstrous Treasure" prophecy everytime you get "500% strongbox" sextant mod! - 50C each


This is such a beautiful thing. My best run ended with 12 x T16, 10x T15 and many other things drop = over 600 chaos in 10minutes. This sextant mod is not very rare. If Monstrous Treasure doesn't proc then seal and apply prophecy again before starting next map.


Hardcore way: Use An Unseen Peril prophecy before every strongbox open.


9) Notable things to loot:


T11-T16 maps


Abyss jewels ilvl83 (for ex. searching eye ilvl83 is 20 chaos)


Abyss jewels ilvl84 from abyss depths (open hoards!) (for ex. searching eye ilvl84 is 60 chaos+)


Abyss belt ilvl86 from abyss depths (10 chaos+)


Steel rings ilvl84+ (20 chaos+ each)


Rare amulets


Boss fragments ;)


Excel list of my 1st run: omg money money money


Every next run ended with similar profit. I didn't have any single % IIQ on my gear. With some magic find it would look even greater but remember that it doesn't affect map drops and clear speed if very important on heavy modded maps


It would be even better with the Elder/Shaper influence <3


Hope you guys would like my t16 Maps guide, and if you don't have 6 hours to farm chaos, you can buy chaos orbs poe from us and don't forget that you can also buy exalted orbs and other orbs/currency from poe4orbs.com, that's all, see you next time. 

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