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New Player Should Never Play HC

I have performed mostly HC in each and every game which has it, I began PoE HC also it was great when Used to do. Hell, I even find Invasion is the most enjoyable time I have ever endured within this game (something which was ball-to-the-wall hard, before nerf a minimum of).


New Player Should Never Play HC


But I'd recommend against going HC, for the following reasons:


-Saving time in case of deaths


-Too many map bosses with mechanics that will kill you cheaply if you don't know them already (incorporated bugs that haven't been fixed, a number of them for a long time such as the Atziri slow curse bug or even the Trio invisible leftover attacks bug). With the number of maps presently exist, best of luck remembering every map unless of course, you want to play this as a living


It's really not difficult. I play four hrs each day for the most part, without a couple of longer sessions days I receive available, and that I feel relative mastery with each and every boss hanging around. Have you ever heard of Youtube? It isn't difficult, most likely the approach while you play a broader type of build, but cmon man.


-If you play first day(s) of a new temp league you are likely to lose your character to bugged shit


I've played every league since CB minus two? It is very rare that we lose our characters to bugs. I have seen it happen a couple occasions and there exists a big group, and therefore are in no way beginners. Some of the people I have fun with are consistently best players on the ladder, and many farm high finish bosses/new content bosses solely, and again, 99% of times, they've zero issue in regardless of the map meta is/new content boss is, 99% of times. Farmville, despite its problems, is remarkably stable over a fair quantity of another triple-A titles available.


-Losing progress due to Death by crash/sudden lag spike (oh the joy)

-Larger trade market in SC (though the economy is worse due to inflation, you still have more availability)


-GGG not really caring about HC anymore. Is it too much to ask for Hall of Grandmasters to have a PvP tag? It ought to be a no-dying zone. You literally can't enjoy it in HC result in Will forfeit your character unless of course, you're running some high-finish super damaged shit (as well as then, be cautious)


Your HOGM statement is fake. I have seen it done, this league alone, as several RF variants, SR totems, Arc Traps, Arc Mines, Sunder Jugg and Ele Hit. Must it be great and also have high finish gear? Yes. Must it be damaged? It will help, but no. You need to simply be very conscious of what you are doing, Gucci being farming it on some Champion melee build, the last league. You need to simply 't be playing LL within cull range, have SR readily available for blocker boys, and be familiar with chaos damage. Essentially, understand what you are doing.


-On PvP side, yeah most don't care about it, but SC having more players has more people to do PvP with, What little organized PvP there seems to be, is organized in SC leagues


I'm switching to SC next league to at least try it once will likely play as if I was in HC anyway. A minimum of previously there have been exclusive rewards for every league and also, since they have done away by using it (that we accept. Personally I think very sad which I didn't have time to obtain blue body armor in SC challenge) I suppose there is no real have to play HC besides for that challenge and economy.

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