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The Dancing Dervish(1200+ Str) - Path of Exile 3.1 Chieftain Marauder Build - War for the Atlas - Abyss League

Hey bros, I have fallen in love with Path of Exile now and really interested in creating Path of exile 3.1 Builds, yes, my friend recommend this game to me and it becomes my favorite mmo game now! I have spent hundreds of times to create an ultimate Chieftain Marauder Build and find fast way to farm orbs in Path of Exile. And I am going to share this build with all of you guys! This build involves the Marauder's Chieftain Ascendancy with it's capability to efficiently stack Strength to buff himself's full fire conversion Glacial Cascade aswell as his 12 Zombies while using the "The Dancing Dervish" in it's manifested form as effective clearing tool.


Path of Exile 3.1 Chieftain Marauder Build


Passive Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/W5uWRV




+ Rampage.

+ Really Cheap.

+ Fun to experience with.

+ Defense=Offense.

+ 12 life leeching Zombies serving as meatshields.

+ The satisfying visual of the excellent Cycloning Sword.


- You lose defenses while you cannot put on a shield. You will have a large amount of leech along with a wall of zombies though.

- If you can't begin a rampage, you're missing lots of damage, defenses and clearspeed.

- Build simply starts at lvl 59 since you can only then equip The Dancing Dervish.

- Stacking Strength initially is simple, but knocking with the 1K mark is kinda hardish since you need to juggle res, str and life on gear that could be costly.


How to Level Up: 


Skillwise I prioritized lots of Strength. Minion stats were secondary however i required them when i travelled around.


After I arrived at lvl 59 I'd not enough dex and int and so i visited acquire some products with stats in it aswell because the two  30 Dex/ 30 Int nodes around the left side from the tree. I possibly could apply certain Minion nodes as travelnodes to Avatar of fireside.


As of this moment this character has 1210 Str. I'll attempt to stack more Life and Strength as time comes.


Ascendancywise I selected:


Normal: Tawhoa, Forest's Strength


This is actually the statboost which helped me take this Ascendancy. 10% Elevated Strength aswell as other helpful stats. Along with Alberon's Warpath boots and 2 Brawn Jewels I recieve 40% elevated Strength and that means you just have around 858 Strength to obtain that sweet 1.2k  4 Zombie Threshold around the Baron.


Cruel: Ngamahu, Flame's Advance


Travelnode and just helpful factor atm. I from time to time ignite things with my Glacial Cascade. I would respec into another skill but this is exactly what I am opting for atm.


Cruel: Hinekora, Death's Rage


1% of fireside Damage leeched as Existence, count me along with my 100% Fire Damage Glacial Cascade. 10% Firepen? Sure. 20% added fire damage? uhm, yeah.


Uber: Aronhongul, Moon's Presence


When I from time to time make use of a Scorching Ray Totem to improve my damage, this boosts it also more. Because my minions deal Physical Damage, additionally they deal more damage.


Skills & Links:


Disclaimer: Individuals are simply the abilities I am using within the setup they're in. It's not necessary to link them the same as that since there is surely room for improvement.

Glacial Cascade - Iron Will - Cold To Fireplace - Controlled Destruction - Added Fire Damage - Fire Transmission


Since I am running Full Fire Conversion with Avatar of fireside, Cold to fireplace is required. Additionally, it provides nice added damage. Iron Will may be the primary scaling Tool within this setup so you really need it too. Since I Have have Ngahamu, I did not choose Elemental Focus. This can be a non Crit build so Controlled Destruction is we want. The remainder is simply additional scaling.


Raise Zombie - Minion Life - Fortify - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance


I put this within the helmet because  +2 to Minion Gems is really a steal of the deal. Zombies need individuals levels because each level increases their survivability tremendously. They are not here to manage damage (they are doing some though) but function as additional meatshields. When they get hit, you typically don't.


Spell Totem - Scorching Ray - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistances - Animate Protector


The Spell Totem procs Arohongui and diminishes the Fire Res of opponents. The Animated Guardian wears the typical suspects of Dying Breath, Leer Cast etc. To summon it, go ahead and take Spell Totem from the links. Never summon an AW Spell Totem inside a map or anywhere for instance.


Hate / Flame Dash / Summon Stone Golem / Convocation


Pure Utility Spells which needn't be linked.


The Dancing Dervish

WED - Phys to Light - Innervate - Minion Damage - Melee Physical Damage - Faster Attacks


This setup enables The Dancing Dervish to manage lots of Lightning damage which could shock opponents for further damage. It may kill alone so Innervate is not wasted onto it. I made the decision against Minion Speed since it will rather remain in range for Hate like this.


Weapon Swap


Still gotta find a thing that could be better than a 6L GC. Maybe I'll make use of a secondary GC setup inside with Conc Effect then one else.


Also, getting a Desecrate inside aids in resummoning your meat mates after they inevitably die to something.


Brief Summary


Above are all I want to show you about my Path of Exile 3.1 Chieftain Marauder Build(The Dancing Dervish), really hope that this build is helpful to these players who'd like to choose Chieftain as their first character. What's more, welcome to R4PG to buy Path of Exile Currency and Orbs, you know, sometimes you do really need some extra money in the game, and R4PG.com is truly a good choice!

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