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Introduction of some Path of Exile players' accounts

CritNig - Level 56 currently - the plan for this character is to go ST + CoC + EK while dual wielding daggers for lots of crits, currently leveling using a 2H Sword. Shortly i'm gonna grab EB to run AA and start stacking crit nodes. Even if i don't win, thanks for the giveaway.


lvl 82 ranger, i also respond to the name of zeus. im a cast on crit arc ranger and can put on a sick light show for you if i win the orbs. just started playing again and im having a blast but i struggle in poverty. i just spent all my currency on tabula rasa and this would be a fortune to a pauper like me.

Introduction of some Path of Exile players

darmnielle - lvl84 ek scion, very defensive, not so much dmg, but enogh to be fun. first hardcore char that didnt die before lvl15. got up to soloing 73 maps. was pretty lucky regarding drops, almost all items selffound, 4 pure ex in 5 days played, which i want to spend due eternal exalting a really sick shield i found. never et.ex anything before, but doubt my currency will ever allow. (if no wonder is happening!)


Cast on Crit EK CI Aegis aurora. Very tanky, but lacking in dps, looking to respec into cyclone instead of CoC EK, If I get those exalts they would be put to buying dat Soul Taker.


i've clocked up 280 hours on steam, and still haven't made it to endgame content love the game though, just got to play it safer! My last RIP was a desync on an amazing trapper whom i just spent all my currency on getting a carcass jack so, back to throwing things!


Made a few characters trying to just wing it, and quickly realized I needed to learn a ton more about the game. This time around I've been following ZiggyD's guide, and things have been going well. Progressing carefully through merciless, but currently farming docks to try to farm up some better gear.


Playing an Infernal Blow marauder. Super tanky with 7 endurance charges and like 5k hp right now. Planing on switching to use Oro's Sacrifice (The pure fire two-hander) and see how that goes. Hopefully I won't die to reflect.


My nemesis character is trap__star. Currently dealing with cruel difficulty. It is a build based around elemental equilibrium acrobatics and hopefully Mind over matter. Just killed Dominus! And on we go. Good luck everyone and good karma to you OP!

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