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poe4orbs:[3.9]PoE Metamorph Mauarder Builds (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

PoE 3.9 Metamorph has released a lot of new game content, including a complete rework of the atlas map and changes to bow skills. Welcome to the best PoE 3.9 Mauarder Builds brought by R4PG. Choose your favorite ascendant from Juggernaut, Berserker, Chieftain and start your Metamorph journey!

poe4orbs:[3.9]PoE Metamorph Mauarder Builds (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)



Quick Jump


Marauder Juggernaut

[3.9] PoE Molten Strike Juggernaut Tanky Build


[3.9] PoE Molten Strike Juggernaut Tanky Build

  • + Very good damage
  • + Extremely tanky
  • + Customizable/Adjustable based on your preferences
  • + Very cheap to get started and even endgame gear is not that expensive
  • + Smooth to play, no hassle
  • + All your charges look like Elder tentacles
  • - You are somewhat vulnerable before you get your endurance charges up
  • - Can't calculate damage in Shapers-per-second like some builds
  • - Total life pool is kind of low due to using mostly uniques
  • - Difficult to cap resists before endurance charges without very good rares
  • - Remembering to use your flasks all the time
  • - Not a lot of room for extra gem links
  • - Can't equip most gear until level 68

Molten Strike> Concentrated effect> Multistrike> Elemental Damage with Attacks> Combustion> Rage/Endurance Charge on Melee Stun(single target) and Ancestral Call (clearing)

We are purely scaling damage to the orbs, not the melee hit. This is further scaled by the Iron Grip, Point Blank, and Avatar of Fire nodes in the skill tree. Multistrike is very good even with the comparative less attack speed, and the damage does not show up accurately in Path of Building dps for the orbs because it doesn't realize the production of the orbs is tied to every "melee strike". When using the Point Blank ascendancy, Concentrated effect is ALWAYS a dps increase. Normally the balls go from a distance between 5-20 from the player in a circle. Concentrated effect does not shrink the size of the actual orb explosion, just the distance of the radius they can travel. This means that it not only increases the overlap of orbs on a target because they are closer together, but it also means that Point Blank will give its full effect to more of the orbs on average. Elemental Damage with Attacks is pretty self-explanatory. 

While leveling, immolate is better than Combustion (assuming you are using Flammability for your curse on hit), but once you get Nebuloch's, Combustion is better. However, if you are using a helmet with pseudo six link Immolate and Concentrated Effect explicits, that is fine. Fire pen is also an option, but since we have so much negative resist with this build, I find that fire pen is not that strong compared with the other 2. 

With the new gems that came out with 3.7, Rage support and Endurance Charge on Melee Stun (especially with 10 endurance charges) are very good and likely better than Immolate (and possibly Combustion and Elemental Focus assuming you can keep up rage stacks) late game for single target. The increased area of effect on Pulverise is actually a detriment to us due to Point Blank and I don't think that the increased melee area damage actually effects our projectiles. The last gem should be left to your preference. 

Ancestral Call probably does not help us with single target much anymore because we have to melee strike an enemy to create the projectiles. It will still be the absolute best gem for mapping/clearing tho. 

In case your interested in your actual dps, here is a link for a molten strike damage calculator. (I am not sure if this is up to date*)


Alternative Fire Main Skills

Vaal Impurity of Fire (level 21)> Vaal Impurity of Ice (level 21)> Vaal Impurity of Lightning (level 21)> Enlighten (level 3 or 4).

As I mentioned above, the Vaal Impurity of X gives a cooldown with additional elemental damage reduction that stacks with it from other sources. This is especially good for fights like Uber Elder where you are worried about a certain kind of damage (cold). You can also use them as psuedo-flasks to get rid of status effects. HOWEVER, the short buff of Vaal Impurity of Fire, drastically lowers our damage because it negates our negative fire resistances on the enemies and sets it to 0. Only use this as a defensive emergency cooldown for fire damage. The other 2 do not affect our damage. 

Once again, you only need level 21 auras if you have a helm with +2 to level of socketed aura gems to get the magical level 23 gems for 5% max res compared to 4% max res. But, this can be very expensive and is not mandatory. 

While Enlighten level 4 is ideal, it is also expensive. But, it would potentially free up 4 skill tree points if you can get one. I would probably keep it, however, because I like having extra mana for molten strike or leap slam if you do not use blood magic. 

*For a DPS alternative, you can use Haste/Vaal Haste, Herald of Fire, or Anger. But keep in mind you will be losing 4-5% max resistances and will be MUCH more vulnerable. You would probably also need a generic Purity of Elements for 1 of your auras just to reach resist cap pre-endurance charge. This would increase clear speed for farming if you are having no trouble surviving. 


Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1)> Wave of Conviction (lvl 7) Vaal Molten Shell (lvl 10)

Minus 25% to fire resist on wave of conviction is very nice and spams all the time on a level 1 CWDT. It will also always debuff fire due to Avatar of Fire. Keep in mind that if it procs again, the first wave disappears and is replaced by the second wave. If you find that this is happening too much, raise the level of the CWDT/WoC setup. 

We use level 1 CWDT with Molten Shell so it is up as often as possible while we use the Vaal Version for an "Oh Crap!" button. The damage mitigation is the same at all gem levels, but the damage and added flat armour are the only thing we get out of levels. Since we have so much armour, and we are not using it for an offensive skill, this is not that big of issue. Our goal is to get to 50,000 armour so we can get the max effect out of Molten Shell/Vaal Molten Shell. You can swap things around to add an Increased Duration support gem if you wish. Immortal Call is useless for this build despite all the endurance charges because it lowers our damage way too much to lose our endurance charges not to mention making us less tanky.


Orb of Storms (or Storm Brand)> Curse on Hit> Flammability

This is our standard Curse on Hit setup. Most people go with Storm Brand over Orb of Storms, but I don't like the way it feels. If you want to swap things around, Increased Critical Strikes support and Power Charge on Critical for the Elemental Overload node are an option, but probably not worth it, honestly.


Leap Slam> Fortify> Blood Rage (lvl 16-18 probably based on your Dexterity)> Blood and Sand

Leap Slam is nice because it can go over ledges too. Another option would be Blood Magic for its mobility/utility which you can do if you are willing to lose projectile damage on Molten Strike to put the Forify there instead. Faster Attacks is also a good alternative for getting around faster. Note that Leap Slam and Fortify are the only part of this that needs to be linked.

Blood Stance from Blood and Sand is amazing for Molten Strike. The less Area of Effect is actually a bonus due to the Point Blank node and we get a free 15% area damage for the Molten Strike Projectiles. Virtually no reason to use Sand Stance. 

For alternatives, consider Ancestral Protector for the attack speed (if you somehow have another way to acquire frenzy charge other than blood rage) or consider using Enduring Cry to start getting endurance charges on boss fights that don't start with adds. Vaal Haste (without regular Haste) is also a great dps cooldown option but probably not worth it if you are using Vaal Impurities and Vaal Molten Shell.


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/9LCnHdLE

More Details: poeurl.com/cCTt


Marauder Berserker

[3.9] PoE Cyclone Berserker Great League Starter! Huy Crit Shockwave Staff

[3.9] PoE Berserker Frost Blades |In-Depth Guide| - Annihilate the Atlas, Shaper & FPS


[3.9] PoE Cyclone Berserker Great League Starter! Huy Crit Shockwave Staff


+ Relatively budget build to start (SSF viable!). Uber Elder is relatively cheap

+ Able to scale to crazy levels with proper investment.

+ Super Flexible Build: good clear with solid bossing. Any Content in the Game. Any map mods (as long as both reflects are not together, any mod is doable with proper swaps).

+ Able to 5 Emblem Carry with full 6-man Party (w/ proper pepega gear).

+ Smooth Mapping with satifying boombooms from shockwave and speed from cyclone w/ big boi AOE.

+ Strong Boss Killer: Uber Elder, Uber Atziri, Aul, etc. with vaal double strike + impale.

+ Fast and fun Delving (still testing 500+ depth).

+ Any map (including Hall of Grandmasters).

+ Any map map mod: Physical Reflect - swap in Hrimsorrow/burn + Physical to Lightning Support. Elemental Reflect - swap in Brutality Support. Both Reflect - Cry.

+ Shockwave is super satisfying burst while cyclone provides smooth movement through packs, they work very well together.

+ Shockwave can bypass proximity shield (since the origin of the shockwave is from the monster).

+ Great sustain with multiple sources: regen, leech, high effectiveness blood of karui (up to 3k/s), warcry with warbringer (25%/1.74s).

+ Layered defenses with atk block, spell block, fortify, 5 endurance charges, armor, evasion, immortal call.

+ 0 mana cost for skills so you can 100% reserve your mana. also don’t have to worry about no regen.

- Complex character with a lot of mechanics that work together. not having proper links, mechanics active will be a big hindrance.

- Need to swap a lot of gear for different types of content (for reflect, etc).

- The super pepega version can be quite expensive to min max (as it usually is with most builds).

- Very socket intensive (ideally able to do with 2 unset rings).


Cyclone / Shockwave (AoE Clear)

Cyclone + Shockwave + Pulverize + *Fortify + Rage + Melee Physical Damage + *Energy Leech/*Increased Area of Effect

If you have a white socket (via vorici research), you can try using impale for more single target (ie uber elder + deep delve bossing).

WHY NO INFUSED CHANNELING?! Infused channeling is great for pure cyclone but shockwave is not a channeling skill so it doesn't support it (we want to double dip ;P).


Vaal Double Strike + Damage on Full Life + Melee Physical Damage + Impale + Ruthless + Increased Critical Damage or Maim (dependent on your colors and crit chance)

Vaal Double Strike is a great single target skill because you can still cyclone/shockwave while it is active. Thus, you are hitting the boss/tough monster with a 7L cyclone + 6L shockwave + 6L vds at max girth.


Blood and Sand, Pride, Flesh and Stone + Maim, Dread Banner, Precision (lv1)

Flesh and Stone + Maim is a very powerful combination (only extra 3% reservation). Really cool mechanic where maim adds on to the effectiveness of Flesh and Stone (blood stance).


Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + *Blood Rage + *Assassin's Mark/Enfeeble (if space + no curse on hit ring) + *Increased Duration (if space)

Lv1 CWDT means you can use a Lv3 Immortal Call. Even though it’s low level, it’s still quite effective.

Use a lv7 blood rage if you don’t want to manually cast it. Otherwise, a lv20 blood rage will give a bit more attack speed + you have more control.


Leap Slam + Faster Attacks 


Enduring Cry or Rallying Cry

With staff’s Smashing Strikes Notable (10% endurance charge on melee crit), we generate sufficient endurance charges to be fully active + immortal call consumption. However, you can still opt to use it for more consistency in single target situation + the great regen.

Rallying Cry is pretty straight forward for just pure damage


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/NmwJyuWj

More Details: poeurl.com/cCTu



[3.9] PoE Berserker Frost Blades |In-Depth Guide| - Annihilate the Atlas, Shaper & FPS


Pros & Cons

Incredible map / Legion Blight clear speed / tower defense clear.

Insane Leap Slam attack speed.

Exceptional elemental penetration = Shaper is a normal mob.

Single target DPS scales very well.

Works well on a low budget and scales well with investment.

Is a melee build, so top tier meta gear can get expensive.


Path of Building Link
https://pastebin.com/en8gp3WE (DPS Focused)
https://pastebin.com/HZRM0iNJ (Life Focused)

More Details: poeurl.com/cCNo



Marauder Chieftain

[3.9] PoE Strength Stacking Blade Vortex Chieftain | 2400+ Str | 20k ES+ |


[3.9] PoE Strength Stacking Blade Vortex Chieftain | 2400+ Str | 20k ES+ |

  • + Cheap to start (No legacy gear required, can be done with cheap uniques)
  • + Exceptional boss killer: Uber-elder in 2-3 minutes with just unique items 
  • + Extremely tanky with no currency investment
  • + Not a stereotype type of a build (we play as 15k ES Marauder who stacks strength and spell damage)
  • + Non-meta build -> low chance for a nerf (unlike cyclone and other melee skills)
  • - Not SSF friendly due to Unique item requirements
  • - Clear-speed could be better
  • - Blade Vortex is not for everyone (you need to recast it every few seconds)

Chest (6 link)

Blade Vortex - Increased Area of Effect - Iron Will - Combustion - Unleash - Empower

Use Conc Effect for difficult boss fights for example Uber Elder 

Weapon/Shield (3 links)

Clarity - Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Helmet/Boots/Gloves (4 links)

Righteous Fire - Efficacy - Swift Affliction - Elemental Focus

Note that I get, 30% more elemental damage from the helmet, as well as Level 20 Conc Effect and level 20 Burning Damage (If you don't like this approach you can skip using Vaal Righteous Fury)

Herald of Ash - Discipline - Enlighten - Anger

Cast When Damage Taken (level 1) - Wave of Conviction (level 1) - Curse on Hit (level 20) - Enfeeble/Flammability (Level 20)

When you are hit for more than 528 damage, Cast when Damage Taken will trigger Wave of Conviction (Aoe/Cone spell that applies -25% enemy fire res by itself) and triggers Curse on Hit setup with Enfeeble (I choose Enfeeble for Survi, you can replace it with Flammability for more damage). Remember that order matters! Cast on Damage taken needs to be in top left socket and Curse (Enfeeble or Flammability) needs to be in bottom left socket! otherwise this won't work properly.


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/ZWJevJGu

More Details: poeurl.com/cCTv

Anyone are welcomed to redistribute, copy, quote, reference or perform content in this site, if and only if he/she attributed the work
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