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Some Newbies Guide to Farm Currency in PoE

If you are getting to maps as a totally new player, it's hard for you to farm currency in Path of Exile, you will need to have a lot of tries to find the right way to farming money in this game, which will take so much time, so poe4orbs would tell you how to make money in PoE with the highest efficiency.


I acquired a swimming pool of 100 graveyard maps (any tier 1 must have similar outputs, graveyard has 3 bosses, that we did not find have much of great drops within the pool of 100). I acted my maps, which may provide you with roughly 60-70% more currency these days lacing. Even low tier maps you need to all unless of course, it slows you lower an excessive amount of. When you are getting better gear you need to all and go.


Some Newbies Guide to Farm Currency in PoE


The basic premise of this guide is to show, even if you don't have much good gear, and no IIQ you can still make currency to improve your character.


Within my calculations, I will not concentrate on a chaos each hour, however, I am carrying out a chaos per map calculation. To exhibit it's still lucrative to operate maps, and as you become more powerful you'll obvious faster through better gear(which earns you more c each hour), or purchase some IIQ gear that also earns you more C each hour.


The main strat for farming is to get your map clear speed as low as possible then add on IIQ to further boost your gains.


So out of 100 Graveyard maps (all tier 1) here are my returns:


All converted to Chaos


120 Transmutations = 4 chaos


90 Alterations = 9 chaos


1 Annulement = 6 chaos


53 Chance Orbs = 10 chaos


55 Augmentation = 3 chaos


14 Regal = 14 chaos


60 Alchemy = 31 chaos


36 Chaos = 36 chaos


720 Jewelers ( 6 sockets items are by far your most common currency generator and its the only recipe I've turned in). = 90 chaos


45 fusing = 20 chaos


76 Chromatics = 5 chaos


24 silver coin = 5 chaos


38 Scouring = 16 chaos


12 regret = 10 chaos


13 Vaal = 14 chaos


6 Apprentice Cartographers = 10 chaos


6 Blessing = 3 chaos


1 Divine = 10 chaos


1 Ex = 72 chaos


So my Totals = 368 Chaos worth of currency over 100 maps. For argument sake lets remove the ex and divine from the calculation as they are so rare. So now we have 286 Chaos over 100 maps. If you ran these maps without alc orbs, you would lose 70% IIQ (being overestimating) which would leave you with 168 chaos over 100 maps.


Using these calculations, I essentially place it like a worse situation scenario. At the expense of 100 alcs along with a couple of scours (for rerolls), you'd have earned 118 more chaos price of currency within the pool of 100.



I did not track the uniques that dropped due to such the number of uniques and 1 very valuable you could throw these figures way to avoid it of the items the typical player ought to be.


100 tier 1 maps with no IIQ gear and no alc should earn you on average in a worst case scenario 1.68 Chaos per map.


100 tier 1 maps with the 'alc and go' method should earn you on average in a worst case. 2.86 chaos per map.


These numbers ignored all divines and ex that dropped. Again to account for the worst-case scenario. In reality, you are highly likely to get at least 1 of them to drop over a pool of 100.


Now say as a worst case you take 3 mins to clear each map (faster builds will get it down to 1 min). 20 maps per hour at 1.68 C per map will earn you 33.6 chaos per hour. Alc and go now you are at 57.2 chaos per hour. An 8 hour day grinding will earn you 457.6 chaos.


As you get more chaos orb you'll invest in better gear which helps you get your clear speed closer to 1 min.


Once you get down to 1 min clear speed (not unrealistic for a tier 1 in most builds), you will now be making 100.8 chaos an hour without ALCS, and 171.6 chaos per hour with ALCS.


1.68 c per tier 1 map (worst case scenario), 2.86 chaos per map (alc and go method). averaged out over 100 maps.


Regardless of your obvious speed, there are decent returns should you junk e-mail maps as quickly as you are able to. The first goal ought to be having your obvious speed lower to a minimum. 1 min ought to be an objective even though some builds will have a problem with this.


My calculations overlooked unique drops and-value PoE Currency (divines and ex's) so the truth is, your overall profit ought to be even greater than the others worse situation figures.


There's a telling spin the wheel as quickly as possible, this essentially means clearing maps as quickly as possible to maximise returns. Overall mob density and iiq are the two greatest plays a role in your return per map (i unsuccessful to calculate mob density within my figures which may only effect non alc map calcs by looking into making it lower, within the finish it's still your own interest to alc every map you need to do). A tier 1 map doesn't have drop penalties, so it's not necessary to be worried about losing drops since you outlvl the zone.


This blew up greater than I'd thought So I'll then add pointers that we believe, and address some common questions.


How can you Alc if you're poor? When you are getting to maps you ought to have a couple of alcs in the bank, but when not only transmute until you really can afford to switch a number of your chaos for alcs. At the minimum an alc covers itself, but many likely it'll enable you to get a bit more profit, It is simply a great investment. Though if it is an option between buying alcs and becoming gear. I'd purchase gear until you receive a somewhat decent obvious speed, even if this will most likely hurt your income early


How can you obvious so quick while obtaining every low-value currency? Really, this is an excellent point, I truly never backtrack for just about any currency within jeweller in value, actually, it might be more effective to disregard all currency within jeweller or fusing in value (unless of course it's in the journey). Also, I ignore chaos recipes since I feel it slows you lower an excessive amount of. The only real time I believe chaos recipe is nice is at the start of a league when you wish to switch your chaos directly for exalts. This may be an extremely good investment strat if you're prepared to take a seat on the exalts a couple of days. plus they usually move from 15-30c within the first couple of days to 70-80c after 2-3 days.


one minute is impractical, difficult, etc. Most builds could possibly get pretty fast when you get accustomed to counting on good movement skills, 1 min might not be accessible on all builds, but you may be surprised how quickly you will get when you concentrate on it. Fun is subjective, and a few people fun is amazing currency as quickly as they are able to.


This isn't the easiest method to make currency. I highly doubt it's, the purpose of this publication would be to show its accessible by anybody. The only real requirement is to buy to maps and run tier 1s. Anybody can sustain random tier 1s when they map. (you can purchase buying pools of maps, though this is not needed and all sorts of it will make things a bit more efficient and help you to get nearer to the fir min obvious speed).

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