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Best PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Starter Builds

PoE 3.13 Ritual is the first expansion in 2021, and the endgame content of the game once again ushered in a major update. Many of the builds in this PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Builds guide are good for starter that are popular with many players. For the three ascendancy classes of Champion, Gladiator and Slayer, the focus of each build is also different. Hope it helps you.

Best PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Starter Builds


Quick Jump

Duelist Champion

PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Champion Impale Cyclone Starter Build

PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Champion Ground Slam Easy Build

PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Champion Earthshatter Cheap Build


PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Champion Impale Cyclone Starter Build - League Starter & Beginner Friendly!

  • + All content Viable
  • + Easy to Play, Spin to Win!
  • + Instant Life Leech feels super nice
  • + Strong single target even with a tighter budget
  • + League Starting Viable
  • + Handle deep Delirium Mobs well
  • + AFK Facetank 80% of the Game
  • + In depth Guide & SSF Viable
  • + Min-Max to destroy Content
  • + Slayer Version for Better Map Clear(Less Single Target DPS)
  • - Can not Facetank certain Bosses
  • - Medium Map Clear Speed
  • - Struggle in no Leech Maps
  • - Can not do Physical Reflect Maps
  • - Stat Requirements annoying to get
  • - Low damage during "Mob's cannot be Taunted" maps

Gems Setup

Vaal Cyclone isn't specifically needed. A Normal 20/20 Cyclone is perfect as well!

5 Link

Cyclone - Impale - Infused Channelling Support - Fortify Support - Brutality Support

6 Link  + Melee Physical Damage Support


Dread Banner, Blood and Sand, Precision

Keep Precision at Level 4. We will use it at level 4 later when we acquire more money and go for the Expensive Gem setup.

Auras #2

Flesh and Stone, Maim, Herald of Purity

Make sure Flesh and Stone-Maim is linked.

Movement Skills

Blood Magic - Faster Attacks - Whirling Blades

4-Link Totem for Extra Single Target DPS

Ancestral Warchief - Culling Strike - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality Support

Use Vaal Ancestral Warchief to help with Map Clearing. Specially useful for clearing inside the Delirium.

Cast When Damage Taken Setup

CWDT - Molten Shell


Blood Rage

You want to level Blood Rage to level 20 and 20% Quality. It doesn't show here yet but I will fix that when I can.


Path of Building Link

Lv 12 - Lv 22 - Lv 32 - Lv 40 - Lv 45 - Lv 50 - Lv 54 - Lv 60 - Lv 64 - Lv 68 - Lv 68 +


More Detailspoeurl.com/cTSP


PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Champion Ground Slam Easy Build - Easy Leaguestart, Stun Everything, Tanky Boi

+ Leaguestart and scaling: Just pick up ground slam and go, big impales and fort+armour from our ascend makes levelling a breeze and jumping into maps easy as well.

+ Stunning Durability: Ground Slam puts out some big stuns meaning enemies don't get to attack you, and what does get through has to penetrate several layers of defences.

+ Low Stress: Few required items and light on skills to use, this is a very laid back build to play

- Stat budget: The build uses a lot of uniques with low/zero resist, plus we cannot equip gloves or a shield. It's not terribly hard to pack enough on belt/rings but gets expensive if you want damage mods as well


- Chaos/Degens: I personally just run near -60 and deal with it, but there is room for some in the build if you can afford it.


PoE 3.13 Duelist Champion Ground Slam easy to build melee character that's not afraid to tank some hits and does big damage. Running into packs and slamming them flat feels amazing, plus we can stun nearly anything with Vaal Ground Slam including awakener 8. Easy leaguestart and progression with big power coming from our ascend points. With balanced gear you should hit around ~5500hp and ~10mil DPS.

Gems Setup

Vaal Ground Slam - Impale - Pulverise - Awakened Brutality - Awakened Melee Physical Damage - Awakened Multistrike

Pride - Flesh and Stone - Blood and Sand - Enlighten

Blood Rage - Dash - Cast when Damage Taken - Ancestral Warchief

Dread Banner

Leveling Act 1

Attack: Ground Slam - Onslaught Support - Added Fire Damage

Auras: War Banner, Blood and Sand

Movement/Misc: Dash, Ancestral Protector

We get quite a few useful gems early on, with 2 auras and a totem DPS shouldnt be an issue. I used vendor recipe blue 1H axes for my playthrough but GS can be used with a few weapon types should you happen to find a good rare.

PoE Champion Ground Slam Leveling Tree Act 1

Leveling Act 2

Attack: Ground Slam - melee physical damage - faster attack

Auras: War Banner, Blood and Sand, Flesh and Stone

Movement/Misc: Dash, Ancestral Protector

Find the cave in Old Fields and kill the bear for a Rustic Sash quest reward, use it to craft a new weapon. Grab a new aura and new supports then kill both bandits and move on.

PoE Champion Ground Slam Leveling Tree Act 2

Leveling Act 3

Attack: Ground Slam - Melee physical damage - Impale - Fortify

Auras: Dread Banner, Blood and Sand, Flesh and Stone

Movement/Misc: Dash, Ancestral Protector, Second Wind

Use the first 2 ascend points on Master of Metal. Pride is available at this point but has a large reservation and can cause mana issues while levelling.

PoE Champion Ground Slam Leveling Tree Act 3

Leveling Act 4-6

Attack: Ground Slam - Melee physical damage - Fortify - Brutality - Multistrike

Auras: Dread Banner, Blood and Sand, Flesh and Stone

Movement/Misc: Dash, Ancestral Protector, Second Wind

CWDT: Steelskin - CWDT - Summon Flame Golem

Make sure to grab the Ground Slam jewel in act 5.

Put second labs ascend points in Unstoppable Hero.

PoE Champion Ground Slam Leveling Tree Act 4-6

Leveling Act 7-10

Ground Slam - Melee physical damage - Impale - Brutality - Multistrike -  Pulverize

Third lab points go into Fortitude.


Path of Building Link

Leaguestart: https://pastebin.com/dBuzwHGL

Midrange: https://pastebin.com/3Yp3e8yQ

Endgame: https://pastebin.com/vh8wULr5

More Detailspoeurl.com/c7NS


PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Champion Earthshatter Cheap Build


  • + Can do all content in the game
  • + Very flexible, can be tanky or go full dps if you need.
  • + Not very hard to play.
  • + Easy to gear.
  • - Takes a while to get used to always War Cry after attacking.
  • - Can not do Phys Reflect maps (unless toy get anti reflect nodes on tree)

Gems Setup

Main Attack

4L (Early Game): Earthshatter - Impale - Fist of War - Melee Phys

5L (Mid Game): Add Brutality

6L (End Game): Add Close Combat or Pulverise depending on your preference/weapon. You can also play with Melee Damage on Full Life if you have manage to get some overleech.



Flesh and Stone - Maim

You can squeeze Vitality here if you want, but I rather have more mana for mobility and War Cry's.

War Cry's

Enduring Cry - Seismic Cry - Intimidating Cry - Second Wind

For last, you can choose your Mobility Skill (Leap Slam, Dash or Flame Dash). If you go for Leap Slam, make sure to get Combat Control on the Skill Tree, and attach Enduring Charge on Melee Stun or Rage for some quality of life improvement.


Molten Shell / Vaal Molten Shell - Increased Duration

Alternate Quality Gems

Anonamlous Fist of War

  • Support Skills have 20% reduced attack speed.
  • Support Skills deals 60% increased damage.
  • According to POB, this gem can boost your damage by about 11%.


  • Supported skills have 10% less attack speed
  • Support skills have 20% more melee area damage.

According to POB, this gem can boost your damage by about 13%.


  • Nearby enemies have -5% Physical Damage Reduction.

Could not check damage with POB, but basically it's free damage compared with the default version.

You can have some more quality of life changes on other gems like your, Second Wind, Molten Shell, but it's not that important, just helps a little bit more.

The Phantasmal version of Seismic Cry and Intimidating Cry seems like a decent boost of damage as well, and I don't think the 10% recovery speed will be missed that much.


You can also set up some Cast When Damage Taken, with Immortal Call or Curse.

The rest is up to you really.


According to POB, Deep Breaths and Tenacity gives you the most damage. But I think Deep Breaths is calculated kinda weird. Since Oils is hard to get on SSF, there is alot of options here. I'm using Wrecking Ball because I enjoy AS while bossing, but it kinda messes up the Fist of War Gem. As a cheap option, you can for Bone Breaker.


Path of Building Link

Basic Sample: https://pastebin.com/BXyxE83S

More Detailspoeurl.com/c7NT


Duelist Gladiator

PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Gladiator Lacerate Tank Build

PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Gladiator Split Arrow Fast Build


PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Gladiator Lacerate Tank Build - Fast ClearSpeed, Labber, Super EZ, All Content


  • + Fast Clearspeed (Crazy leap speed!)
  • + Super EZ to run (Even for first timers)
  • + Can do all content
  • + Cheap to get it up and running, not too expensive to meta
  • + Ranked Uber Lab runner (Check below for ladder scores*)
  • + Good league starter
  • + Fun to play (Packs explode all at once!)
  • + SSF Friendly
  • + Console Friendly
  • - More oriented to fast clearspeed than boss killing
  • - Going for easiness and simplicity had its drawbacks
  • - Not recommended for Hardcore
  • - Can't run Physical Reflect maps

Gems Setup

Lacerate - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Multistrike - Impale - Fortify

Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Maim

Aura: Pride - Blood and Sand - Dread Banner - Arctic Armour

Blood Rage - Increased Duration - Enhance

Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vulnerability

Movement: Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun

Leveling Setup

Gem Links When Levelling

Act1 End:

GGR: Lacerate + Onslaught + Chance to Bleed
GRR: Double Strike + Maim + Ruthless
Others: Blood and Sand, War Banner, Dash(Leap Slam)

Act 2 End:

GGR: Lacerate + Onslaught + Melee Physical Damage
GRR: Double Strike + Melee Physical Damage + Maim
RG: Leap Slam + Faster Attacks
Others: Blood and Sand, War Banner, Herald of Ash

Act 3 End:

GGGR: Lacerate + Faster Attacks + Onslaught + Melee Physical Damage
RRR: Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Melee Physical Damage + Maim
RG: Leap Slam + Faster Attacks
Others: Blood and Sand, Dread Banner, Herald of Ash

Act 5 End:

GRRR: Lacerate + Melee Physical Damage + Brutality + Multistrike (Onslaught moves to Silver Flask here until we get Slaughter node on Passive Tree, then we need to change the flask to Sulphur.)
RRRR: Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Melee Physical Damage + Brutality + Maim
RRG: Leap Slam + Endurance Charge on Melee Stun + Faster Attacks
Others: Blood and Sand, Dread Banner, Pride, (Add Arctic Armour later when you get Soul Taker)

Fast Levelling Tips

Here are some tips for fast levelling:

Economy (What To Get):

Act 1: Scroll of Wisdoms(sell Blacksmith Whetstones and Armourer's Scraps / Orb of Transmutation(sell items unidentified)
Act 2: Scroll of Wisdoms(sell Blacksmith Whetstones and Armourer's Scraps / Orb of Alteration(sell items identified)
Act 3+: Scroll of Wisdoms(sell Blacksmith Whetstones and Armourer's Scraps / Orb of Alteration(sell items identified) and after item level 60 do Chaos recipe.

Zone Levels:

Level 1-16: Stay at zone level
Level 16-31: Stay 3-4 levels under zone level
Level 32-47: Stay 4-5 levels under zone level
Level 48-60: Stay 5-6 levels under zone level
Level 54-62: Blood Aqueducts is a good place to fast level and do chaos recipe
Level 90+: Do Beachhead rotas until level 94-95, then do Pure Breachstone rotas until level 100.


Path of Building Link

40 -> 50 -> 60 -> 76 -> 90 -> 94 -> 98


  • Until we get a Soul Taker, we need to use Life and Mana Leech node and respec it after we get it.
  • If in need of Intelligence or Dexterity, pick +30 to Intelligence or Dexterity nodes.
  • These passive trees are made for playing without a cluster jewel and Thread of Hope, mostly for levelling. When adding a Cluster Jewel or Thread of Hope, please refer to passive trees in Path of Building links of Required Gear or Meta Gear up above

Required Gear (lv92): https://pastebin.com/MZ8r1BqD (3.2m Shaper DPS, 6.0k life)

Meta Gear (lv98): https://pastebin.com/s8bPfHCB (6.45m Shaper DPS[9.46m with Berserk enabled], 7.0k life)

More Detailspoeurl.com/c3Yj


PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Gladiator Split Arrow Fast Build


  • + High clear speed
  • + Insane single target dps
  • + Tank(+7khp)
  • - Cannot do phys reflect maps/no bleeding maps
  • - Multiples shots to kill bosses that have more than one phase

With this PoE 3.13 Duelist Gladiator Split Arrow Cheap Build you can hit kill any boss on the game , dealling insane amount of damage and with high clear speed. And you can do it budget , can kill conqueror's/shaper guardians with one hit using 1 alch bows.

Skill Gems

with Kaom's Heart

Weapon: Split Arrow - Chance to Bleed - Awakened Deadly Ailments - Brutality - Vicious Projectiles - Chain

Puncture - Awakened Brutality - Awakened Vicious Projectiles - Awakened Swift Affliction

Malevolence, Flesh and Stone, War Banner - Maim

Enduring Cry, Mirage Archer, Ensnaring Arrow

Large cluster

The best point on it is temperred Arrowheads for the second/third is Martial Prowess or Heavy Hitter a jewel with arrowheads + 1 more is fine


Theres many combinations that are great here

I recommend At least one have brush with death for more regen

Compound injury , rend and disorienting wounds are great to have

Small clusters

1 Added Passive Skill is Fettle


Path of Building Link


More Detailspoeurl.com/c3Yj


Duelist Slayer

PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Slayer Cyclone Starter Build


PoE 3.13 Ritual Duelist Slayer Cyclone Starter Build

  • + This build can achieve stupid levels of damage.
  • + League start and SSF viable.
  • + No required items.
  • + Good clearspeed.
  • + Tackles end game easily on a low budget.
  • + Has lots of room for min/max.
  • - It's perfectly viable in SSF but struggles more than Champion/Gladiator with low access to gear.
  • - While our Cyclone area is very big, we are still playing Melee wich is dangerous at time.
  • - Meta build means some end game items can be expensive.
  • - Leap Slam is bugged in the current patch causing you to get stuck on objects easily.
  • - It's not a tank build so you have to dodge things yourself.

Gems Setup


The all purpose link for Cyclone will be Impale-> Brutality-> Fortify -> Infused Channeling -> Close Combat

Rage, Melee Phys, Pulverise

Close Combat is the flex slot and you can use either Rage, Melee Phys or Pulverise instead. Rage is the best for damage but has a nasty ramp up, Melee Phys is the most consistent, Pulverise is the worst for damage but gives more AoE and finally Close Combat almost rivals the DPS of Rage but with no ramp up, it does however only work that well if you are right on top of the enemy.

Awakened BrutalityAwakened Melee Phys

When you get the awakened gems, obviously swap Brutality for it's awakened version and swap Close Combat for awakened Melee Phys since it now also grants us Intimidate.


Vaal Ancestral WarchiefMaimImpaleBrutality

We only use the Vaal Warchief here. The totem does very high DPS on its own but it also buffs our damage by 32% wich is a huge buff to use on bosses.

Molten Shell

Vaal Molten Shell -> CWDT -> Summon Flame Golem

Vaal Molten Shell synergizes very well with our build because we naturally use a lot of armour gear, making the absorb much stronger. I like the CWDT because I forget to press the normal Molten Shell while mapping and Flame Golem is just something extra.

Leap Slam

Leap Slam -> Endurance Charge on Melee Stun -> Blood Magic -> Faster Attack

Either Leap Slam, Whirling Blades or even Dash. Blood magic is needed given we reserve almost all of our mana and we get 1 endurance charge per use when we hit an enemy with this.


Pride, Blood and Sand, Flesh and Stone, Dread BannerPrecisionEnlighten

These are the best auras you can get for a balanced setup.

You can swap back and forth between blood and sand stance as you want, just keep in mind that blood=DPS and sand=defense. Until you are comfortable with the build, just play in sand stance.

An Enlighten 3 is not necessary however it allows you to level up Precision past level 1 for additional accuracy and crit.

If you use Enlighten, link it with Pride, Flesh and Stone and either Dread Banner or Blood and Sand.


Blood Rage, Portal, Enduring Cry 

Blood Rage is very strong, both for mapping and bosses since it gives frenzy charges on kill, but more importantly attack speed. If you want you can rely on this to get your life leech cap and save a few points on the tree.

Portal is just because I'm lazy, if you have portal scrolls you can use blood magic here aswell so none of your skills cost mana.

Enduring Cry is completely optional, it's just a means for generating endurance charges for defense. I dont use this but its there as an option if you want more defense.  


Path of Building Link


More Details: poeurl.com/cHCu

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