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poe4orbs:PoE 3.19 Lake of Kalandra Details

PoE 3.19 expansion will include the Kalandra Mirrored Tablet, Challenge League, Endgame Improvements & Atlas Memories, New Balance Changes, New Skill & Support Gems, and Revamped Content.

poe4orbs:PoE 3.19 Lake of Kalandra Details


Reflections Of Wraeclast

In the Kalandra Challenge League, you'll travel to the mirrored lake that granted Kalandra her powers of duplication. The lake manifests reflections of Wraeclast itself, which emerge from its misty surface as you approach. Fight through these dangerous encounters to uncover Kalandra's mysteries and earn true power.

Influence The Lake

As you travel throughout Wraeclast, you'll occasionally discover a Mirrored Tablet. Build up this Tablet by placing reflections of dangerous encounters at specific locations. Be careful though, some of these reflections contain immense challenges.

PoE 3.19 Expansion Details Influence The Lake

Once you have assigned a reflection to every empty location on your Tablet, you may open a portal to the Lake of Kalandra, which will manifest your creation for you to experience.

Control Your Destiny

The farther away from the Lake's entrance an encounter is, the greater its difficulty and rewards are. You'll occasionally be offered choices to customise your Mirrored Tablet by swapping the layout around, perfecting your set of encounters and their rewards.

PoE 3.19 Expansion Details Control Your Destiny

As you progress through the league, you'll unlock special abilities to skip, reroll and exile choices you are offered, letting you refine your Tablets more efficiently. In the endgame, you'll also be able to itemise your completed Tablets to save them for later or trade them away.

Reflect Rare Jewellery

Alongside rewards from each encounter, the Lake can manifest new ways to create rare items. The Reflecting Mist will create a pair of rings or amulets, exact reflections of one other. On one item, half the properties are magnified in intensity, with the other half negated to hinder you. The other item has the opposite set of mods negated. You may only pick one of these reflections to take with you.

PoE 3.19 Expansion Details Reflect Rare Jewellery

In the league's late endgame, you may bring your own rings and amulets to the Mist. It will magnify, distort and reflect them in a similar way, providing access to previously-unattainable power on rare items.

Experience Atlas Memories

PoE 3.19 Expansion Details Experience Atlas Memories

Atlas Memories offer a way to explore endgame content and earn very valuable rewards without having to specialise your Atlas Tree for it. In high-level maps, you'll very rarely find a Memory item, which represents a set of memories that Alva, Niko, Einhar or Kirac has. They will provide a sequence of maps for you to explore as you relive the events of their past. These highly challenging and rewarding Memories can either be applied to your Atlas or traded to other players.

Revamped Content

Archnemesis: They have gone through the game and normalized the rate at which rare monsters spawn so players shouldn’t be encountering dozens at the same time moving forward. The rewards of rare monsters have also been improved and their difficulty adjusted according to the encounter. Their rewards will also scale with any item rarity or quantity bonuses the player has.

For the more powerful monsters encountered with multiple modifiers, there is also a new reward system. If for example, a monster has a corruptor mod, then all the drops become corrupted. In the case of Kitava-touched, all the drops are upgraded by one rarity tier. Some monsters will have these reward mod types on the 3rd and 4th slots. If a player is lucky enough to find such a monster, these reward mods will stack once the monster is killed.

For magic monsters, more will have stat-based bonuses rather than external effects, and encounters that spawn multiple magic monsters will have the same modifiers for all of the enemies vs the current system of rerolling for each.

Beyond: Scourge monsters and bosses will now replace the old bandit enemies. The number of spawns has also been rebalanced to bring it in line with the rest of the game. Scourge enemies will have a chance to drop the Scourge league tainted currency items.

Harvest: Players will now receive itemized tradable life force of the proper color for crafting. Tier 4 bosses will also now spawn more frequently and can drop a key to fight Oshabi. Oshabi will drop specific life force for a special set of crafts. Harvest crafts have also been rebalanced and streamlined. Interactions with the sacred grove have been simplified and as with the previous two league revamps the number of rare monsters that spawn rebalanced.

PoE 2 News

Along with all the announcements about the new expansion, Grinding Gear Games didn’t leave out giving fans a bit of news about PoE 2 either. ExileCon 2023 will be taking place July 29-30 in Auckland, New Zealand and attendees will have a chance to play Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile Mobile. During the con, the closed beta start date will also be announced. Tickets will be going on sale August 25th at pathofexile.com/exilecon.


With the PC/Mac launch next week on August 19th and PlayStation/Xbox on August 24th, the main problem I have now is I only have a week to decide on a build.


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