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poe4orbs:Path of Exile Crucible Question and Answer

Q: Are the Skill Gem related Crucible Passives available only on Unique weapons or any weapon?

A: Any weapon.



Q: We've made a change to some Items' Item Class that will affect item filters. Please see the list below:

A: Item Class changed from "Misc Map Items" to "Vault Key"

Forgotten Reliquary Key

Visceral Reliquary Key

Shiny Reliquary Key

Archive Reliquary Key

Oubliette Reliquary Key

Cosmic Reliquary Key

Decaying Reliquary Key

Voidborn Reliquary Key



Q: Manaforged Arrows says that supported skills trigger when 300% of ''their'' mana cost has been spent on other bow attacks. What is ''their'' referring to?

A: The supported skills. For example, if your skill supported by Manaforged Arrows costs 10 mana, that skill will trigger when you've spent a total of 30 mana on other bow attacks.



Q: How do Vaal Domination and Absolution interact with support gems?

A: Ascended Sentinels are still minions created by the base skill, not the Vaal skill. This means that they are still affected by support gems from the base skill.



Q: Can I use a separate copy of Vaal Domination/Absolution to get extra support gem effects on my Ascended Sentinels or benefit from items like Triumvirate Authority?

A: No. These skills cannot Ascend Sentinels created by different copies of the gem. Extra support gems would also not work regardless, as mentioned above.



Q: If I Ascend a magic or rare Sentinel of Dominance, is it still magic or rare? Does it keep its monster modifiers?

A: They keep monster modifiers and technically are the same rarity, but no longer count toward the limit of Sentinels of that rarity, only the limit of Ascended Sentinels. Vaal Domination will also automatically pick the highest rarity Sentinel you have to Ascend.



Q: Does completing one Crucible encounter show the entire weapon's tree? Or do we need to do multiple encounters to scout out the item's tree?

A: You have to get enough experience to unlock the first node in order to view its entire tree. This could come from one encounter if you're able to handle a difficult one.



Q: Does the rarity, quality and/or mods on a weapon influence its Crucible Tree?

A: No, but the item level of the weapon matters.



Q: Does using currency on a weapon with a tree modify its tree in any way? i.e. will the tree change if I exalt slam my weapon, or if I Vaal Orb my weapon and it becomes corrupted with an undesirable outcome?

A: Using regular currency on your items does not affect their tree in any way.



Q: Are there any passives only obtainable by merging Crucible Trees?

A: Yes.



Q: Are there limitations to merging Crucible Trees i.e. can I merge a Warstave with a Staff?

A: You can merge Warstaves with Staves, or say Sceptres with One-Hand Maces. But not say Staves with Two-hand Maces, or Sceptres with Wands.



Q: If I craft ''Cannot Roll Attack Mods'' on my weapon, will that influence its Crucible tree when I complete its first Crucible encounter?

A: No.



Q: When an Awakener's Orb is applied and the recipient item has a Crucible tree, does the output item keep that tree? Or does it do something else? What about when an Awakener's Orb is applied and the recipient item has no Crucible tree, does the output item also have no tree, or does it take on the tree of the donor item?

A: The recipient item's tree is kept and the destroyed item's tree is lost forever.



Q: What happens if I recombinate a weapon with a tree with a weapon without a tree in Standard? Is there a possibility the outcome preserves the tree?

A: Trees are removed when recombinating. There is a warning prompt if you try to recombinate an item with a crucible tree



Q: Will Imprinting a weapon before I complete its first Crucible encounter effectively give me another chance to get another tree if I don't like the first tree?

A: Yes, although it is best to imprint before you've added any crucible tree experience to the item



Q: Can I use a split beast or fractured fossil on a weapon to create two copies of the weapon with the same tree?

A: Yes



Q: Is the Lord of Steel Jewel available in Crucible?

A: No.



Q: If two players each take the ''Enemies permanently take 5% increased Damage for each second they've ever been Frozen by you, up to a maximum of 50%'' Cold Mastery, would the freeze increasing damage taken stack up to 100% (50% from each player) if they can manage to freeze the boss that long?

A: No, the maximum increased damage taken any given target can have from this effect is 50%. But if a monster is frozen by two players, that maximum will be reached sooner.



Q: Will the new Snipe Gem be available as a quest reward in Ruthless?

A: Yes, it will be available as a quest reward as well as from Siosa's gem shop.



Q: Will Hex Bloom still work for the curses linked to Bane?

A: Yes.



Q: Will the Saboteur's Triggerbots make you pay the mana cost for triggered skills twice?

A: Yes.



Q: Does the new Elemental Mastery that has a 25% chance to invert enemy resistances work with traps?

A: Yes.



Q: Will Nimis projectiles return even if they hit nothing?

A: In most cases, yes. A projectile which flies out uninterrupted to the maximum projectile range will return instead of just stopping there. But returning, like piercing/chaining/etc, does not extend how long a projectile can exist. If a projectile lasts for an explicit duration like Spark, or fades out over a fixed time like Freezing Pulse, it stops existing after that and can't then return.



Q: What is considered a chest for the new Caster Mastery that grants a chance to open a chest?

A: Interactable objects in the game which can be opened by clicking on them, damaging them, or either, which drop items. This includes crates, jars, etc. Chests locked by specific game mechanics can't be opened until unlocked.



Q: How does Necromantic Aegis/Animate Weapon/Animate Guardian work with Crucible Passive Trees?

A: Most Crucible Passives should work with these, however, Crucible Passives that allocate notables will not work because minions don't have regular passive trees.



Q: Will you consider adding a Crucible specific equipment slot (like for Sanctum relics) so that players don't have to potentially sacrifice levelling gems in their weapon swap?

A: To address this feedback, we're planning to make it so that the leftmost identified weapon in your inventory will also be selectable in Crucible encounters.



Q: Do uniques that are commonly used for a purpose that doesn't match their base type (eg a caster themed unique such as The Whispering Ice, which has a Warstaff base) have special weightings for Crucible passive trees?

A: We have tagged uniques as being caster themed or minion themed. So things like Cospri's Malice or Whispering Ice can roll caster skills or things like Chober Chaber or United in Dream can roll minion skills



Q: Do Triggerbots relocate the ability or do the Triggerbots count as the ones dealing damage? For example, if I use Triggerbots to Trigger a Cast on Crit setup with a spell, will my spell leech apply to me?

A: Triggerbots don't count as dealing damage. The origin point of the Trigger changes to the Triggerbots. So in this case, Spell Leech still applies to the player.



Q: When using the new Triggerbots from the Saboteur ascendancy, what specific aspects of triggered skills are moved to the triggerbot's locations?

A: This is doing the same thing as Arcanist Brand, which is overriding the location the triggered spell thinks it was cast from.

Anything that happens at the location the skill was cast from, will happen at the location of the bots instead.

It does not change where the skill is targeted at, only where it originates from.

It does not change anything which adds an ongoing effect to the caster, such Blade Vortex or the Aegis skills, because that's not using the location they were cast from, that's using the object which has the triggered skill.



Q: Will Crucible become a core game mechanic?

A: We'd like to see how the community receives Crucible once it's playable at launch before we make decisions on whether or not it should become a core game mechanic.



Q: Can we get a list of the Crucible passives, and which weapon types they can appear on?

A: We'd like to watch the community discover the intricacies of the Crucible Passive Trees, so we'll leave it to you to discover!



Q: How many portals does the Forge of the Titans area have?

A: Six



Q: Are the Crucible trees randomly generated each time and are the skills specific to the weapon or shield type?

A: Crucible Trees are randomly generated, though the types of skill a weapon can get will be dependent on its item level and class. For example, bows will have access to particular bow passives and will not have access to particular sceptre passives. Note that an existing Crucible Tree can be removed if you are able to access and complete a special Crucible Endgame encounter.



Q: Are there any restrictions to how many times you can merge trees on a weapon or shield?

A: There are no restrictions to the number of times an item's Crucible tree can be combined with another. However, only weapons with revealed trees can be combined with each other.



Q: Did you forget to post Minion Mastery changes?

A: No, there were no changes to Minion Masteries in this expansion. We are aware of feedback asking for these in the future.



Q: Will unequipping Blood Price, the new helmet that reserves nearby enemy monsters' life, heal enemies? (i.e. could you use it as a helmet swap for a free 8% extra damage against bosses)

A: It follows the same reservation rules that are on players, so it will not heal enemies.



Q: Will Master Distiller work with Mageblood?

A: Master Distiller consumes flask charges, so you will still need to feed flask charges to gain the bonuses.



Q: Can you clarify how the new “10% of leech is instant” Mastery option works? Does it recover 10% of your maximum total life per second from leech?

A: Each individual leech still has a maximum amount. If you leech the max amount per leech, you'll get 10% of that instantly and 90% over time. However, there is also a maximum on the total recovery rate of all leech. Instant leech isn't part of that because it has no rate.



Q: Regarding, “Skills cost Life instead of 30% of Mana Cost.” Does this mean that a skill that costs 10 mana will only cost 3 life with this node, or does it just transfer 30% of cost to life, as in 3 life + 7 mana?

A: A skill that costs 10 mana will instead cost 3 life and 7 mana with this Mastery allocated.



Q: With the introduction of the new Life Mastery “15% increased maximum Life if there are no Life Modifiers on Equipped Body Armour”, will unique modifiers on items currently tagged as Life modifiers get a passover to make more uniques work with this Mastery?

A: There are no changes to uniques as a result of this Mastery being added.



Q: Do you know if the Triggerbots will work with things like Summon Holy Relic minions?

A: Triggerbots only work with things you trigger yourself. They don't work with things your minions trigger.



Q: What are the implications of the changes to the way projectiles return to you for both Kinetic Blast and Fireball when used with the Nimis Ring linked with fork? Do they still explode on walls and your character, and on contact with fork?

A: Nimis changes from "Projectiles Return to you at the end of flight" to "Projectiles Return to you". This means projectiles will return if they collide with a target and don't pierce/chain/fork/etc from it, where before they would not have done so. Fireball already did not explode when it forked (or pierced, chained, etc), fireball's explosion destroys the projectile, and only happens when the projectile can't move further through any behaviour. Kinetic Blast does not itself explode, it causes explosions around when it impacts something, this is still the case.



Q: Did United in Dream also lose its poison chance?

A: The poison chance was only removed from Severed in Sleep.



Q: Has the Balance of Terror Jewel been removed from the game?

A: It is not obtainable in 3.21, as it only dropped from Sanctum content.



Q: What is Spark's Projectile Speed now?

A: The base projectile speed of Spark has been reduced by 25%. This has been updated in the https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3361403]patch notes.



Q: Was the removal of Books of Regression intended to nerf the strategy that involved using them for Heist?

A: Books of Regression were removed because their intended purpose (related to PvP characters) is no longer relevant. The way they were being used in Heist was not intended.



Q: With Ruthless offering a different, smaller set of challenges to complete than the base game, will it be possible to complete some challenges in Ruthless and others in the main league in order to get these rewards?

A: You can't mix and match. They are separate challenge tracks.



Q: Why is the Boss Kill Event being hosted in Ruthless?

A: We want this event to represent the ultimate challenge in Path of Exile, which is to kill these two pinnacle bosses under the constraints of Hardcore, Solo Self-found and Ruthless simultaneously.



Q: Is there a prize pool for the Boss Kill Event on consoles?

A: Yes, the first place winner for each console platform will receive a transferable ExileCon VIP ticket.

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