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poe4orbs:[Lake Of Kalandra] PoE 3.19 Duelist Lightning Strike Champion Starter Build

This PoE 3.19 Duelist Lightning Strike Champion Build is a tanky fast mapper that works in SSF or leaguestart.

poe4orbs:[Lake Of Kalandra] PoE 3.19 Duelist Lightning Strike Champion Starter Build


Pros & Cons

  • + TANKY
  • + Facetank most things
  • + SSF viable
  • + HC viable
  • + League starter
  • + Good Mapper
  • + No uniques required
  • + No need for life or mana flasks
  • + Flaskless Mapping (Perhaps Not in HC)
  • - No elemental reflect maps
  • - No "No Leech" Maps due to Mana
  • - Self cast enduring cry
  • - Moderately expensive to Min/Max
  • - Probably slower than Raider


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Unstoppable Hero, Fortitude, Inspirational, First to Stike/Last to Fall

Pantheon: Your Choice

Bandit: Kill All or take Alira and respec when ready

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link: https://pobb.in/41Rp900V0ki6

HC PoB: https://pobb.in/mV0uBdnxqmaQ

PoE 3.19 Duelist Champion Lightning Strike Passive Skill Tree


Gems Setup

Early Leveling Skills

Lightning Strike 3L: (V) Lightning Strike - Ancestral Call - Lifetap

Lightning Strike 4L: (V) Lightning Strike - Ancestral Call - Fortify - Lifetap then Trinity (Make sure Trinity is building max resonance, but it should be with Anger and Herald of Ice on)

Switch out of Lifetap when you have an enduring mana flask or the mana leech claw node (Soul Raker).

6L: Vaal Lightning Strike - Trinity - (A) Elemental Damage with Attacks - Nightblade - (A) Added Lightning Damage - Ancestral Call until you've gotten +1 Strike, then Inspiration

4L: Enlighten - Anger - Precision - Herald of Ice

4L: Static Strike - Rage - Cast on Critical Strike - Wave of Conviction If you have a Farrul's. Sub Frenzy - Power Charge on Critical in place of CoCS and WoC until then. Or, choose your favorite form of getting Frenzy and Power Charges.

3L: Ancestral Protector - Blind - Culling Strike

2L: CWDT - Steelskin

Others to Slot where/if you can: Enduring Cry for HC Only, Smoke Mine, Phase Run, Defiance banner

Conductivity until you get a Shaper Ring with Assassin's Mark on Hit (Early on, pair it with OoS, Hextouch, and PCoCS for auto-curse and charge generation with one cast)

If you have a Farrul's and want 100% charge uptime, put Less Duration on item with Aspect of the Cat.


Gear Setup


Imperial Claw
+46 Life gained for each Enemy hit by Attacks
Adds 27 to 54 Cold Damage
Adds 12 to 298 Lightning Damage
27% increased Attack Speed
Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers
27% increased Critical Strike Chance
Attacks with this Weapon Penetrate 12% Elemental Resistances

Lvl 82 Imperial Claw with T1 Lightning, T1-4 Fire and/or Cold, T1 or T2 Attack Speed, +Crit Chance or open Suffix to craft it. Other nice things are Crit Multi, + Elemental Dmg with Attacks, or crafting on Penetrates Ele Resistance (Prefix). The shown claw is self crafted using about 100 Chaos to Spam it, a YOLO Annul to remove +Mana and Multimodding. In a normal setting it probably costs 5-7 Ex to craft something similar.


6% increased Movement Speed
85% increased Evasion Rating
+74 to maximum Life
+15% to all Elemental Resistances
+45% to Fire Resistance
15% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments
Reflects 22 Physical Damage to Melee Attackers

Supreme Spiked Shield for 4% Spell Dodge


Farrul's Fur for charge generation. Replica is fine just requires socketing Power Charge on Crit into Static Strike and forgoing Wave of Conviction


Blizzard Crown
Adds 82 to 127 Cold Damage
Your Hits treat Cold Resistance as 10% higher than actual value
+26 to Dexterity
+73 to maximum Life
+43% to Lightning Resistance
+5 to maximum Fortification
+1 to Level of Socketed Projectile Gems
Projectiles Pierce an additional Target

ilvl 80+ Crusader Helmet prioritizes defense by giving added Fortify effect. Blizzard Crown is BIS. You can also go ilvl 85 Crusader helm for -9% lightning resistance on nearby monsters.


Grants Level 20 Aspect of the Cat Skill
10% increased Dexterity
+78 to maximum Life
0.27% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Mana
Strike Skills target 1 additional nearby Enemy
23% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments

Lvl 80+ Hunter for Strike Skills target 1 additional enemy. Gripped Gloves are BIS


+58 to Evasion Rating
+59 to maximum Life
+34% to Chaos Resistance
35% increased Movement Speed
You have Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently
+17% to Fire and Cold Resistances

Lvl 75+ Hunter Boots for Tailwind. Extra Credit if you Awakener Orb it with Lvl 81+ Shaper Boots to get 31-35% Ele Avoidance as well.


Lvl 80+ Shaper Ring for Assassin's Mark on Hit, Mark of the Elder Steel Ring.


Allocation: Cheap: Elemental Focus / Medium: Panopticon or Sleight of Hand / Endgame: Claws of the Falcon or Tenacity

Stygian Vise
Has 1 Abyssal Socket
+30 to Strength
+49 to maximum Energy Shield
+114 to maximum Life
12% increased maximum Life
+47% to Lightning Resistance
+20% to Fire and Cold Resistances

Agate Amulet
Allocates Claws of the Falcon
+22 to Strength and Intelligence
+66 to maximum Life
+67 to maximum Mana
+12% to all Elemental Resistances
+30% to Chaos Resistance
32% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
+29 to Intelligence


+15% to Critical Strike Multiplier with One Handed Melee Weapons
8% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
+18% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Lightning Skills
2% increased Attack and Cast Speed

No Unique Jewels Required! Prioritize Life, Attack Speed, and Crit Chance/Multi.

Get anything with Corrupted Blood for endgame.

Watcher's Eye: Not mandatory, but focus on Crit Multi if you can. Anger or Precision.



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