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poe4orbs:[3.9]PoE Metamorph Ranger Builds (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

PoE 3.9 Metamorph has released a lot of new game content, including a complete rework of the atlas map and changes to bow skills. Welcome to the best PoE 3.9 Ranger Builds brought by R4PG. Choose your favorite ascendant from Deadeye, Pathfinder, Raider and start your Metamorph journey!

poe4orbs:[3.9]PoE Metamorph Ranger Builds (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)



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Ranger Deadeye

[3.9] PoE Lightning Fast Budget Magic Finder - 500% Movespeed & 110% Item Quantity

[3.9] PoE LIGHTNING ARROW/BARRAGE Deadeye Build / Your #1 Bow League Starter! UBER ELDER DONE!


[3.9] PoE Lightning Fast Budget Magic Finder - 500% Movespeed & 110% Item Quantity


Build Introduction

Permanent up-time on Divination Distillate (while using flask effect nodes) gives us 20% increased item quantity, 66% increased item rarity, 55% to all Elemental Resistances and constant life regeneration which out heals our blood rage.

Permanent up-time on Vaal Haste gives us 31% increased attack speed and 14% increased movement speed.

Crazy amount of movement speed.

Not reliant on Headhunter to clear fast.

No need for mana leech, regen, or gain on hit, unaffected by "No Regeneration", and "no leech" map mods.


Gems Setup

Tornado Shot - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Mirage Archer - Chain (or Fork if you don't have Rigwald's Quills) - Added Cold

6th link: - Increased Critical Strikes for consistency - Elemental Damage with Attacks if you need more dps

Portal Obviously

Lightning Golem: Lightning Golem is the best DPS Golem, feel free to try Ice Golem for better crit chance.

Phase Run (optional) - Increased Duration - Enhance

Optional, but gives a crazy amount of movement speed. It also has great synergy with Mirage Archer; Just shoot once, pop phase run, and fly through the map as everything dies. I personally don't use it anymore because of the micromanagement and gem slots required, I would rather just level more gems to sell.

Smoke Mine - Increased Duration (optional) - Blood Magic

Smoke Mine is basically a juiced up Blink Arrow. It can be used to travel, is almost instant, and gives a HUGE 30% movement speed buff. Increased duration is optional here. Blood magic is mandatory with this build as mines now RESERVE mana which means Lavianga's Spirit flask does not make it free and therefore you will not be able to use it when you have 0 mana.

Blood Rage: Attack speed, Life leech and Frenzy generation.

Grace: Lots of evasion for Queen of the Forest, and movement speed from our Watcher's Eye. Put this in one of your Pariah Rings.

Herald of Ice - Innervate - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark - Onslaught

This is our Buff Generator and Clear Speed helper. We get Innervate, Onslaught, and Power Charges from this.

Precision: Leave this at level 1 for the free critical strike chance and access to nice Watcher's Eye mods.

Vaal Haste: You can keep this up almost permanently thanks to the Soul Catcher flask.


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/Sn0srK27

More Details: poeurl.com/cxKD



[3.9] PoE LIGHTNING ARROW/BARRAGE Deadeye Build / Your #1 Bow League Starter! UBER ELDER DONE!

  • + From level 12 to Uber Elder with just 2 skills. Incredible League Starter that will not fail!
  • + great clear speed
  • + Plenty of bossing DPS. Barrage 6-7 Million. LA = 1-2 Million. 
  • + cheaper than Physical and Cold builds. Cheaper than Tornado Shot (helm enchant says HELLO)
  • + can switch to MF in a blink of an eye
  • - Expensive to min-max (my investment was around 50 EX)
  • - squishy, super hard to reach 6k life. Mostly dodge and Warlord's Mark to survive. But does fine in end-game.


Gems Setup

Take Ice Shot and use it in this combo:

Ice Shot - Pierce - Volley support

Puncture and Burning Arrow are also great for single target

Switch to Lightning Arrow at level 12. Take Precision

Assuming Tabula: 6L Lightning Arrow - Added Cold - Added Lightning - Pierce - Mirage Archer - Elemental Damage with attacks

4L Lightning Arrow - Added Lightning/Pierce - Mirage Archer - Ele.damage with attacks

5L Lightning Arrow - Added Lightning - Pierce - Mirage Archer - Ele.damage with attacks

Add Herald of Ice and Thunder when available. 

Add Barrage when it's available (lvl.12):

6L Barrage - Added Cold - Ele damage with attacks - Vicious projectiles - Elemental focus (need to get it from another character or buy) - Volley (you will later drop both Volley and Added Cold for stronger gems as you go)

5L Barrage - Added Cold - Ele damage with attacks - Elemental focus (need to get it from another character or buy) - Volley 

4L Barrage - Ele damage with attacks - Elemental focus (need to get it from another character or buy) - Volley 

At level 31 get Cold Penetration and switch Volley to Slower.Projectiles


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/J8Zw4SF2

More Details: poeurl.com/cCTG


Ranger Pathfinder

[3.9] PoE TOXIC RAIN + HERALD OF AGONY Pathfinder Build (6-8K life) (UBER ELDER done!)

[3.9] PoE Scourge Arrow Poison Prolif Pathfinder - Fast, tanky, easy and fun to play, beginner friendly


[3.9] PoE TOXIC RAIN + HERALD OF AGONY Pathfinder Build (6-8K life) (UBER ELDER done!)

  • + decent AOE
  • + great single target damage without Barrage or Elemental Hit
  • + great clear speed with usual high Pathfinder mobility
  • + permanent flask uptime
  • + no need to PIERCE heavily, like in CA setup
  • + REFLECT IMMUNE (all reflect!)
  • + 45-65% dodge
  • - Still pretty squishy as relies mostly on acrobatics and Evasion.
  • - stacking Virulence is harder with slow bow
  • - mana issues are there because of high APS (for Quill Rain while levelling)
  • - 111 INT required for proper gearing



Leveling Gems Setup

Start with Caustic Arrow + Pierce and use it till level 12 when you get Toxic Rain. 

  • Toxic Rain 3L: Toxic Rain-Mirage Archer-Void Manipulation
  • Toxic Rain 4L: Toxic Rain-Mirage Archer-Void Manipulation-Vicious Projectiles

In act 2 you will get Herald of Agony after doing Sharp and Cruel. Just buy minion damage gem and you are set.

Herald of Agony 4L: Herald of Agony-Vicious Projectiles-Minion Damage-Faster Attacks/Withering Touch/Damage on Full Life

At Level 24 get Despair and at level 31 start using it with Blasphemy. You will drop it later when you get Witchfire Brew.

Endgame Gems Setup

For Uber Lab enchant

40% Toxic Rain damage if not running 6L Herald or using Coming Calamity. 30% Reduced Herald of Agony if running 6L Herald on Belly of the Beast and everything else. 
Link setup here is a balance between dot, poison and pod explosions!

  • Toxic Rain 5L: Toxic Rain-Damage on Full Life-Void Manipulation-Vicious Projectiles-Mirage Archer
  • Toxic Rain 6L: Toxic Rain-Damage on Full Life-Void Manipulation-Vicious Projectiles-mirage Archer-Added Chaos

For maximum DoT stacking

  • Toxic Rain 6L: Toxic Rain-Void Manipulation-Vicious Projectiles-Swift Affliction-Increased Duration-Efficacy
  • Herald of Agony 5L: Herald of Agony-Vicious Projectiles-Minion Damage-Withering Touch-Damage on Full Life
  • Herald of Agony 6L: Herald of Agony-Vicious Projectiles-Minion Damage-Withering Touch-Damage on Full Life-Maim.

Using Pierce instead of Withering Touch is also a great option for mapping!

Using Level 4 Empower is better than 20/20 Maim, so use it if you have it!


Path of Building Linkhttps://pastebin.com/UjzfwLsB

More Details: poeurl.com/b56i



[3.9] PoE Scourge Arrow Poison Prolif Pathfinder - Fast, tanky, easy and fun to play, beginner friendly


+ Great single target. The build can reach 7M single target DPS with current setup after around 5 second ramp up (to calculate the DPS from PoB, add both Thorn Arrows and Release at 5 stagestogether and then multiply it by 1.385 for Mirage Archer).

+ Pretty good clear speed (because of Nature's Reprisal poison proliferation and Scourge Arrowhitting whole screens)

+ 207% increased movement speed (266% while Elusive)

+ 7K+ Life

+ 85% melee avoid chance, 85% projectile avoid chance, 63% spell avoid chance, 94% stun avoid chance

+ 8% less Chaos damage taken (thanks to Infused Channeling)

+ Permanent flask uptime (because of Nature's Boon)

+ Enemies are chilled (reduced action speed) thanks to Summon Skitterbots

+ Enemies are hindered (reduced movement speed) thanks to Wither

+ Enemies are maimed (reduced movement speed) with maim chest

+ Can do all map mods

+ Can do all content (except Hall of Grandmasters)

+ Decent league starter, as it do not really requires anything to function, and can work just fine on Tabula

- Needs a lot of intelligence from gear

- Scourge Arrow playstyle takes some time getting used to

- Enemies do not die instantly so sometimes we can take some dangerous hits (we combat this with our high defenses)

- Life sustain can be troublesome before getting Cinderswallow Urn


Gems Setup

At level 1 grab Caustic Arrow + Pierce + Lesser Poison.

At level 4 grab Mirage Archer and add it to main setup. Grab also Dash for movement and self-cast Steelskin for defense

At level 8 grab Void Manipulation support

At level 10 grab Precision aura Withering Step. Also replace Dash with Blink Arrow

At level 12 replace Caustic Arrow with Toxic Rain

At level 16 grab Herald of Agony, Summon Skitterbots and Blood Rage. You will most likely not be able to sustain Blood Rage at this stage, so just start leveling it but do not use it.

At level 18 replace Pierce with Vicious Projectiles

At level 24 grab Plague Bearer and Despair.

At level 31 replace Lesser Poison with Added Chaos Damage and grab Swift Affliction

At level 34 grab Summon Stone Golem

At level 38 get Immortal Call, Increased Duration and Cast when Damage taken supports and replace your self-cast Steelskin setup with this. Also grab Increased Area of Effect and link it with Plague Bearer and Withering Step

When you get to mapping, you can also grab Wither totem setup but before that, it is not really necessary.

After you are done with leveling, drop Toxic Rain, Void Maniplation, Vicious Projectiles, Swift Affliction

And replace them with Scourge Arrow, Deadly Ailments, Unbound Ailments, Infused Channeling


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/SRnzca69

More Details: poeurl.com/cCTH


Ranger Raider

[3.9] PoE Caustic Arrow Raider, DoT Focused | Tanky | 6k+ Health | All Content | In-depth

[3.9] PoE Fivers Frostblades Raider ||| 5+ mil Shaper DPS ||| All Content |||


[3.9] PoE Caustic Arrow Raider, DoT Focused | Tanky | 6k+ Health | All Content | In-depth

  • + Cheap starting cost, great league starter
  • + Very easy to play
  • + Tanky end game, over 6000 life and very high evasion + dodge
  • + Fast without flasks (over 100% ms, high AS)
  • + Flexible build, many ways of end-game optimization
  • + Can run any map mod, including "No regen"
  • + Capable of clearing all end game content
  • + Permanent flask uptime while mapping (except bosses)
  • - Mediocre single target damage
  • - Slightly expensive end game gear
  • - Weak against spells


Main Skill - Caustic Arrow

Caustic Arrow + Void Manipulation + Swift Affliction + Vicious Projectiles + Damage on Full Life + Concentrated Effect + Empower

Your bread and butter. First 3 support gems have no real downsides and should always be included in the build. Conc Effect and Damage on Full Life have downsides, which one you prefer is up to you (i recommend the second one). Empower has no downside but requires level 3 or 4 to be worth using. Costs a lot of money or time.

Other Support Gems you can use:
Greater Multiple Projectiles - for massive AoE which translates to clear speed. Use only for clearing if your damage is high enough. Use instead of Swift Affliction, switch back for bosses.
Efficacy - Use instead of Concentrated Effect to get rid of AoE penalty for small price in damage. Recommended for console players.
Mirage Archer - Additional clear speed if you have necessary AoE to make it worth. You cannot use Concentrated Effect OR must have at least 3 arrows total. Good situational gem. 

Wither Totem

Wither + Spell Totem Support + Multiple Totems Support + Increased Duration

Nearly doubles damage against bosses. Place the totem somewhere on the side and let it do the work. It also slows their movement speed, so keep that in mind against some bosses. Totems are squishy and destroy easily, you might have to resummon them.

Cursed Frenzy

Frenzy + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Curse On Hit Support + Despair

Setup designed for additional damage against bosses/rares. Each successful hit generates Frenzy charge and curses enemies at the same time. When at maximum charges, it refreshes their duration.

Guard Skill

Steelskin + Cast when Damage Taken

Steelskin for extra durability. If manually cast, it's great for any encounter. If you're lazy and linked Steelskin with CWDT, it protects you from multiple hits in quick succession. The entire setup is optional, but recommended nonetheless.

Primary Auras

Malevolence + Vaal Grace + Clarity

Malevolence is undoubtly best aura you can use. Significantly increases your damage and duration of your skills.

Grace is used primarly for levelling and early mapping. Once you're capable of reaching evade chance cap, the aura should be replaced with Malevolence. Vaal version of Grace is still used as a situational skill.

Clarity is not mandatory, but it's the easiest way to greatly increase mana regeneration. Without it, you will find yourself running out of mana all the time. Clarity's maximum level should be 10, do NOT level the gem above it.

Situational Skills

Blink Arrow + Vaal Grace + Vaal Blight

Blink Arrow is used to cross gaps and escape tough situations quickly. Your primary way of moving around is still on foot.

Vaal Grace allows us to cap Dodge / Spell Dodge. It's a temporary aura which is best used during harder encounters like abyss/breaches/harbingers etc. Vaal Grace should be linked with Increased Duration support for longer uptime.

Vaal Blight is a great utility skill for slowing down enemies, so it's easier to keep them inside degen ground. Also applies some extra damage. Vaal Blight should be linked with Increased Duration support for longer uptime. It's an optional gem, but very much recommended. 

These are the only mandatory gems and we still got 2-4 free gem slots. How you fill the rest of them is your choice. 


Path of Building Linkhttps://pastebin.com/CscQtnLf

More Details: poeurl.com/codH



[3.9] PoE Fivers Frostblades Raider ||| 5+ mil Shaper DPS ||| All Content |||

  • + Fast clear speed
  • + Very good dps
  • + Can do all content
  • + Really fun and intensive playstyle


  • - Can't do elemental reflect maps
  • - Not very tanky (can facetank a lot of stuff but don't let your guard down).
  • - Expensive to min/max


This build is a Claw & Shield based Frost Blades build.

It utilizes a fast clear speed, high mobility, high evasion, and high damage to clear all the available content. This isn't a tanky afk build. It requires a certain amount of skill in order to clear the hardest content.


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/EvpE4yBX 

More Details: poeurl.com/cysA


Anyone are welcomed to redistribute, copy, quote, reference or perform content in this site, if and only if he/she attributed the work
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