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POE 3.1 Build Introduce - Cyclone Berserker and Cremation Berserker

There must be some palyers choose to be a Berserker in Path of Exile 3.1, and we can choose deffrent style of build to start our Berserker trip. So I am going to show you guys the difference between Cyclone Berserker and Cremation Berserker, if you guys love this article, please support our website R4PG.com, where you can buy PoE Currency & Orbs easily. We will try our best to help you to find more fun in this game, you will find that it's easy to play the Path of Exile, with R4PG's support!


POE 3.1 Build Introduce - Cyclone Berserker and Cremation Berserker


Path of Exile 3.1 Cyclone Berserker Build - Instant Leech! - Up to 15 Abyssal Jewels!


After the beginning of the league i had been searching for any Build which will work for map clearing but additionally a great boss killer. I additionally wanted to create a build including most (if not completely) from the Abyss-League Products. I saw the Build Lanlin was using and messaged him to obtain more informations before i set-in the character. So Build Credits visit Lanlin.


Passive Skill Tree: 


24 Skill Points


24 Skill Points: https://goo.gl/3w8uo1

38 Skill Points


38 Skill Points: https://goo.gl/StND37

72 Skill Points


72 Skill Points: https://goo.gl/RJcUWF


Level 90: https://goo.gl/3bPkbS

Level 100 Tree


Level 100: https://goo.gl/fqNCmd



+ super safe for mapping

+ does not require a 6link to complete greater tier maps

+ can run all mods but physical reflect

+ it's a beserker, so very easy to level ;)

+ really acceptable budget


- can't do physical reflect maps

- not the fastest build


Ascendancy & Pantheon:



So, we're selecting Berserker because it provides us Leech, Attackspeed, Movementspeed and a lot of Damage.


PIC Ascendancy



For Major-Pantheon i choosed Soul of Lunaris because it gives us physical damage reduction, movement speed and a few defensive aspects.

For that Minor-Pantheon you may choose whatever u prefer, i required Soul of Gruthkul to achieve more defensive while mapping.


Pantheon PIC


Basic Informations: 



Whenevery you have killed a Monster, you've got a 15-20% Chance (with respect to the roll) to achieve a Spirit Charge. If you Attack (inside a Cyclone Frame or with Whirling Blades) you trigger a Spirit-Burst that also heals you for fivePercent of the maximum Existence. So for mapping its best to have as numerous Abyss Jewels as possible.



To achieve the entire aftereffect of the Mitts, you have to socket it with 1 "Searching Eye" Jewel and 1 "Murderours Eye" Jewel.



A Pair Of Boots provide you with 10% Elevated Damage for every Kind of Abyss Jewel. Therefore we have to use 2 types we'd normally not use.

I am utilizing a Hypnotic Eye Jewel with Skill, Life and %elevated Damage if you have wiped out lately (that is excellent for mapping).

I additionally utilizing a Ghastly Eye Jewel (that is ordinarily a summoner Jewel) with Life and Double-Potential to deal with not waste the Place here ).


Path of Exile 3.1 Cremation Berserker Build - Meatball Mage - Budget, Beginner-Friendly


This can be a guide for any impartially fundamental Volatile Dead build with a decent mixture of damage and tankiness and the opportunity to do virtually any content. Berserker can be used to allow unconditional existence and mana leech to fuel Mind over Matter, in addition to a good slice of damage. I ran this as my starter for Abyss and it is probably the most robust starters I have ever performed.


Levelling SKill Tree:


27 points  22


27 points skil tree: https://goo.gl/qmXp4Q  

48 points 22


48 points skill tree: https://goo.gl/z8jgMu

66 points 22


66 points skill tree: https://goo.gl/Q8dfXu 

92 points 22


92 points skill tree: https://goo.gl/uQYt43




◆ Quite simple to experience. You don't need to carefully manage buffs or flasks, positioning is only a matter of keeping the distance, and also you barely need to aim your talent. Extremely forgiving because of being in a position to facetank most content.


◆ Great damage. DPS is very difficult to estimate because of the mechanics from the skills, but you will get north of 200k Shaper DPS without an excessive amount of effort and push past 500k with a little more spending. Boss DPS figures are much like squishier, harder to experience crit versions.


◆ Great AoE coverage. Volatile Dead homes in on opponents from more than a screen away. You may never miss stragglers


◆ Tanky. Over 8k EHP, and you are constantly leech capped on life and mana (even against single targets) because of hitting often. Facetanks the majority of the game should you want, including most bosses as much as T15. Can survive all protector skills aside from Phoenix Discharge.


◆ Can do just about all content. Need to avoid ele reflect with no-leech maps, and slower recovery could be annoying for hard bosses. Have personally done Atziri, all Guardians, Elder, Vaal Temple, etc effortlessly. Ought to be acceptable for Shaper (however i suck at Shaper so cannot confirm). Wouldn't recommend for Uber Atziri because of Volatile Dead's target splitting mechanics making split phase awkward.


◆ Easy to gear. No uniques needed or perhaps strongly suggested, completely SSF viable, can perform well on a tight budget.


◆ This is often a Strength or perhaps an Advantage based on your opinion, but plays differently to many builds in you don't just hold lower one button. Make use of three different skills in combat, and not one of them are particularly spammable.



◇ Clear speed is fine but not great. Need to use two skills to kill a pack generally. Somewhat composed for by getting lengthy range homing missiles searching for packs that you are not concentrating on, but clearly not really a top tier obvious speed build.


◇ This is often a pro or perhaps a disadvantage based on your opinion, but plays differently to many builds in you don't just hold lower one button. Make use of three different skills in combat, and not one of them are particularly spammable.


◇ Can't do ele reflect and no-leech maps.


◇ Can't do Uber Atziri, along with a poor option for Uber Lab farming because you will more often than not accidentally destroy Izaro's helpers and lose keys.


◇ Can't use Volatile Dead for early levelling like other variants can. Have to hang about until level 40 .


In-Game Stats:


Hideout Volatile Dead


S 1


Hideout Cremation


S 2


Combat Volatile Dead with EO + Arcane Surge + Atziri's Promise + Onslaught


S 3


Combat Cremation with EO + Arcane Surge + Atziri's Promise + Onslaught


S 4




S 5


That's all I want to show you guys about Cyclone Berserker and Cremation Berserker Build in POE 3.1, so you can make a choice now, Cyclone or Cremation? Or you can choose Cyclone + Cremation, it's all depend on you, and if you want to find some easy way to farm orbs in PoE, just check this article. Of course, you can go to R4PG.com to purchase some path of exile orbs for your journey!

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