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New Path of Exile league starts Friday

As a long time Path of Exile player, i'm so happy that you and many others are giving this game a chance! For me, it's hands down the best and more complex ARPG atm, developed by an awesome company that keep improving their game with plenty new content every 4 months and with a monetization policy that many others so called F2P should learn from.


That being said, as you might have noticed, Path of Exile is a very complex game, with a bit of a harsh learning curve for new players (they might tackle this problem in the next big expansion, aka Act 5, coming next year, by improving in game tutorials). Still, I really think you do a great job in your videos explaining the basic mechanics of this game and making it sound as awesome as they are. It's just that there are many more things that they just can't fit in one video.

New Path of Exile league starts Friday

For example, you still haven't talked yet about what I think is one of the things that make this game so unique, which is the form of currency the game uses, poe orbs, and how they directly relate to whole crafting possibilities the game offers. Other things that come in mind are the flask system, also very cool and unique, the vendor recipes, and many more, like the whole masters and hideout system, the ascendancy classes and labyrinth (which you are just getting into), and of course the awesome and recently revamped endgame content which is the map system and the atlas. 


And I'm still missing many things, but I'm aware you are just learning the game as well, so all my advice for you and others that are starting is just play at your own pace, have fun, don't get overwhelmed by the complexity and instead enjoy the depth and possibilities this game offers. Definitely a good idea is to look in the forums for a build that is beginner's friendly and that can handle most content, cause otherwise your first character will suck for sure (although it still a good way to learn the game, and i can guarantee you will learn something new with every new character you make). There are plenty good streamers/youtubers in the PoE community, but ZiggyD is usually the most recommended for new players (also he's a nice guy), so feel free to check his channel. Last bit of advice, as others pointed out, is getting a loot filter, cause otherwise by endgame you will have the screen covered by white items that you won't really ever have to pick (Neversink's Lootfilter is my favorite and probably the most used one).


Hope you have a great time playing Path of Exile, but beware, you might get addicted. See you in Wraeclast, Path of Exile.

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