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All that the jewel sockets and Clayshapers are a pretty big investment

As a summoner "main" this will have the same problem as any summoner addition. You are socket starved as all freaking hell. You need 6l for spectres, Helmet for Zombies, at least one setup for auras, Vaal Discipline and/or Haste, and after that you want offerings, a movement skill, convocation, Summon Raging Spirit, Skeletons, Golems and what not.


There is just too many options and as I see it those golems won't outclass spectres in a traditional summoner build, they MIGHT be substitutes for zombies (Chaos/Stone golem squad) and they might be a more passive alternative to Summon Raging Spirit.


All that the jewel sockets and Clayshapers are a pretty big investment


Even considering all that the jewel sockets and Clayshapers are a pretty big investment. Classic summoner gets it's power through synergies, you skill minion nodes which make ALL your minions stronger and aura nodes which make ALL your minions stronger.


Though after all that is said, this might enable some nice hybrid builds, for a traditional summoner I do think it's outclassed due to socket limitations and the honestly ridiculous power of spectres and Summon Raging Spirit(even more so after the Buffs) but having a squad of golems follow you around as elementalist and Buff you into infinity could proof useful! Someone do a Fire/Lightning/Cold Golem elemental hit build! If I got it right with the jewel, two other golem jewels and elementalist you can even throw in a stone golem for good measure.

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